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The Liechtenstein women's national team will be aiming for a place on the field for the first time since their debut at the FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany last year when they host the USA in the opening match of the tournament on Saturday, June 3. The player with the most goals and the most successful player in the history of the team is the only player with more than 20 international goals in a season.

She spent the first eight years of her career with her home club Liechtenstein, where she played for FC Vaduz and won six major trophies. She played for the club in the Swiss Super League for two seasons, then for FC Schalke 04 in the second Swiss league and her outstanding performances for these two first teams led to a move to a club from the Liege capital VADuz, which competes in the Swiss Football League. However, she was unable to survive in it And after almost five years at the helm, she could not even replace coach Giorgio Contini, who was replaced by German coach Roland Vrabec.

The Champions League is out of reach for Liechtenstein's clubs and virtually impossible to get there. They have only one domestic cup competition left, which is the entry point into the UEFA Europa League.

The Swiss league system, in which all clubs in the country qualify for the European competition, allows them to qualify through their national cup competitions.

Although Liechtenstein does not have a major airport, many consider Zurich International Airport to be the closest to the largest. If a traveller lands in Zurich or Friedrichshafen, he can get to Liech-tenstein via the airport. As there are no immigration controls in Liege, travellers can still get an official Liege stamp in their passport by visiting the local Lie Chen stenstein tourist office. That is what you have to do when you enter Switzerland and what you do afterwards.

The main centre of Liechtenstein is the city of Liege with about 1.5 million inhabitants and the largest city in the country, Zug.

It is also the home of Liechtenstein's national football team, FC Vaduz, which plays in the Swiss League, the second league of Swiss football. The stadium was opened on 1 July 2001 and has a capacity of 7584 spectators. The stadium was opened with the Swiss first division team FCVaduduz. Initially it had a modest but sufficient capacity (7,584), but there was also a demand for a larger stadium for the national team's first and second league matches.

Unsurprisingly, the home team lost 8-0 to their larger German counterparts, but with a population of 38,000, it borders both Switzerland and Austria. It is located on the border of Liechtenstein with Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic and is also in the heart of the city of Vaduz, a small town with about 1,500 inhabitants.

Although small, Liechtenstein is one of the richest countries in the world and enjoys a spectacular alpine backdrop along the Rhine Valley. One fun way to experience the smallness of this principality is cycling in its lower reaches. Cycling is a popular recreational sport and also a means of transport in and around Lütjenstein.

If you want to do more outdoor activities in Liechtenstein, I recommend the Princess Gina Trail, which forms the natural border between Liechtenstein and Austria. Although I myself would not be a trained hiker, we would recommend it to everyone. After all, there's a reason it's one of the top things we've done in the past. If you are visiting in winter and you are wondering where to go in Tenstein, you have to go in winter.

ETIAS holders visiting Liechtenstein can cross the border for a day trip or longer and visit their neighbouring countries (Switzerland and Austria) without having to visit neighbouring Switzerland or Austria. The nearest railway station in Liechtenstein is Schaan Vaduz (exit 9 will take you to Sevelen). The excellent bus connections take you out of the city and the buses (Ndeg12) run every 15 minutes from Schaaan to VADuz.

The Old Rhine Bridge will certainly last all day and maybe not all day if you want to visit Vaduz or Liechtenstein, but it will certainly take away the fact that you have to look at the top things you can do in VADuz and the other countries of the region. What would you recommend to almost all those who do the "top things" in Liech Tenstein? The visit to the traditional farmhouses and museums is one of them for all those who love unique museums. The Liechtstein State Museum and the State Museum give you a great insight into the history and culture of this beautiful country and its people.

Although the royal family of Liechtenstein still lives here, it is not open to the public, so visitors to Liechtstein must enjoy this splendour from afar.

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