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Today I am excited to tell you how much it costs to travel to Liechtenstein and how you can save money during your stay. A list of activities, restaurants, trips, hotels, accommodation and attractions in Liechtenstein can be found on this list. More information about tourism in Liech tenstein I recommend this site of the Tourist Board of Lie Chtenststein.

The exhibition belongs to the Prince of Liechtenstein, and the museum shows a number of other items related to the post office, as well as a coin collection.

The photo of the Liechtenstein border shield may be interesting for tourists, but it will be a fun souvenir of the trip to Liechtenstein. But if you prefer colourful things, you can get a souvenir stamp at the Liech Tenstein Tourist Information in Vaduz. For 3 FR (3 EUR3) you get an entrance stamp to Lie Chtenstenstein and go to their website to see for yourself. There is a small kiosk directly in front of the Kunstmuseum, where you can confirm your visit to Liech tenstein by phone, e-mail or online.

This is a great opportunity to make your visit unforgettable by getting an official Liechtenstein stamp in your passport.

It does not have its own international airport, so most travellers enter via Switzerland or Austria. Since Liechtenstein has no immigration controls, travellers can forget this in their passport by visiting the local Liechtenstein tourist office. You need a single page to enter this country, but it is free.

In Vaduz there are also shopping facilities where tourists can find a selection of souvenirs to commemorate their visit. Cheap shopping is also available in the city centre with a wide selection of shops, restaurants and cafés as well as a number of restaurants.

As it is the only major airport in Liechtenstein, there is no direct connection with the rest of the country by plane or train, but you can take the S-Bahn to Sargans, Buchs (Switzerland) or Feldkirch (Austria) and then walk or take the bus into the city. The nearest train station to Liechtenstein is in Vaduz and from there the bus (LIEmobil) will take you by train. You can then travel either by train to Sargsans (Romania) in the north or to Bucha (Germany) and Vienna (Austria) or by train to Vienna, Vienna or Stuttgart (Austria).

An entertaining way to experience the smallness of the Principality is a trip from Vaduz to the city of Rapperswill, the capital of Liechtenstein. During the trip, you can stop at Lake Zurich and Rapperswil and explore almost the entire country of Liechenstein!

The easiest way to get to Liechtenstein by train is to go to Sargans (Buchs, Switzerland) or Feldkirch (Austria) and from there take the connecting bus to Rapperswil station. You can also drive to Liech-tenstein from Germany or Austria, but the easiest way to get there is from Zurich. The easiest and most convenient way to get to Liech Tenstein by public transport is by train from Sargsans or BuchS (Switzerland) or from Feld kir ch Austria, then by connecting buses to and from Liechtenstein. Or you can take the train via Sagans in Switzerland to Zurich and on to Vaduz in Liechtstein or take the surrounding buses in Lieckenstein.

You can and should drive or rent a car in Switzerland and drive to Liechtenstein, the roads are great and the air quality is excellent. What you enter from Switzerland brings you to Vaduz, one of the most beautiful cities of Liechtstein and a great shopping area. There is no major airport, but it is a short drive from Zurich's main airport and from there to Lieckenstein.

As I mentioned in my contribution on travelling in Liechtenstein, there are many interesting places to keep in mind when looking around the city and sunbathing in its natural beauty. It's not hard to find anywhere, although some are open on Sundays, so keep in mind.

The cost in Liechtenstein is roughly the same as in Switzerland and is therefore much cheaper than in other parts of the world, such as France or Germany. Foreign tourists are often sold off and have to be very careful when shopping, as the Swiss franc is the currency of Liechtgenstein. They pay in Swiss francs, the currency of Liech, so the cost is much lower than in Switzerland. The cost of lying is (or was) about the same as in Germany or France, but not as high as in the US.

Once in Liechtenstein, visitors will find the country small, which is one of the main attractions, with many sights to explore, such as the city of Liechtgenstein.

As a day trip, the sightseeing time in Vaduz Liechtenstein is almost the same as the means of transport we used. If you want to spend one or more nights in Liechtenstein, you have to increase your budget. What would you recommend as one of the top activities for almost everyone in Liech tenstein? If you only go to Liechtgenstein for hiking and do not want to settle in the capital, I would highly recommend it.

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