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As I mentioned in my article about travelling in Liechtenstein, it can be difficult to find anywhere if you travel to the country and miss some of the restaurants, cafes and bars. The best place to stay is the Meierhof Hotel and Restaurant, one of the most popular hotels in the city and the best accommodation in Liech Tenstein. Remember that they are open on Sundays, so it is a great place for you to go and stay while you visit it to escape the stress of your daily life.

From there, you can go directly to the terrace of Sareis mountain inn for lunch or take the commuter train to Schaan Vaduz, a mountain town south of Liechtenstein, which is about an hour and a half away from the city. From there, you can wander along the paths and curse yourself that you don't have more time in the light to enjoy the magnificent mountain panoramas of Liechtenstein and Switzerland. You can also take the train from Friedrichshafen to Feldkirch in Austria and from there on foot or by bus to Liechtenstein or from Schaaan VADuz by S-Bahn to St. Gertruden, one of the most popular destinations in Germany.

Having your own car in Liechtenstein also gives you the freedom to move around freely and explore the small mountain nation. Citytrain is the perfect way to explore Vaduz And if you take a day trip from Zurich, Austria or Germany, you can plan and be there in a short time. To really make the most of the two days in Liech tenstein, you might want to pack a few extra snacks, but it is always worth a visit. Those who come to Lügenstein for day trips are forced to spend their time in the capital due to time restrictions, and those who have been there in one day - trips outside the capital are always in short supply, so it will be very stressful to have everything to yourself. With 2 weeks in Switzerland and 2 months in Austria you can escape the hustle and bustle of Zurich and discover so much more of the country and get a better feeling for its beauty and history.

The Gorfion family hotel can assure you that Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein are all in one place, a great place to see three of the most picturesque countries in Europe. Our travel tips for Liar's Nest come first, with the Lion's Nest Museum adventure pass offering incredible value.

The Liechtenstein Tourism Office is located directly in front of the Kunstmuseum, where you can confirm your visit to Liechtenstein free of charge if you are travelling from Switzerland or Austria. Getting the Liech Pass is easy, you just use the Adventure Pass and get it for free, and they stamp it for you. There is no double land lock here, as the neighbouring countries of Austria and Switzerland are also closed off to the public. Liechtenststein has open borders, so you will receive your passport stamp at the crossing between Switzerland and Austria, with the exception of Liechingen and the city of Zug.

Liechtenstein acts like its own airport, and people come to the tiny country by car, either by bus or train.

The easiest way to get to Liechtenstein by train is to go to Sargans (Buchs, Switzerland) or Feldkirch (Austria) and take a connecting bus there. There is not much to do in Vaduz, but it is very picturesque and I am glad that we took it there and made the short day trip. The easiest and most convenient way to get to Liechtonstein is by public transport, by train to or from Sargsans, BuchS (Switzerland), Feldkirchen (FeldKirching, Austria) and then taking a bus to or from Liechtonstein (or vice versa).

In the southernmost part of Liechtenstein, the Balzers definitely have several lookout points to offer. If you are travelling through Europe and humbly indulge in a lot of charming experiences, Liechtenstein is one of the best countries to be your base. It is located in the heart of the continent and is an ideal destination for many different types of travel, not only for tourists but also for locals.

It offers a surprisingly large number of things to do in such a small space and is easy to get around, easy for you to move around. Liechtenstein has some of the best alpine sunrises and sunsets I # ve seen, as well as the most beautiful mountains in Europe.

With 11 municipalities Liechtenstein offers a wide range of events throughout the year - all year round and with visits to the list of activities, restaurants, travel, hotels, etc.

Find out what you can find in Liechtenstein by visiting the list of activities, trips, hotels and so on. Learn more about the history of the country, its history and culture and its cultural heritage.

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